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Verses of the Wolves

Another season has come to a close and memories linger ‘round

Artwork by Jennifer Universe

The METRO Blue Line smoothly hums
along its silver tracks
To Target Center it drops one off
For a review of this pack’s best acts

Another season has come to a close
And memories linger ‘round
Like the Halloween 50 piece from D-Rose
Which was the talk of the town

On the road in the Chi
Another wintry night,
Marney Gellner did her thing
Owning the mic with delight

Let’s never forget when The Beard came to town
Our Georgia Tech rookie clamped the dude down

And on Prince Night, in his favorite city,
the Purple One made us rave
But not with blouses instead with jerseys,
Man, those were really the wave

Jimmy’s stay was short but not sweet
An end which came with another Woj tweet
With his departure came help on the court
The Process showed up to offer support

After a win, Thibs was fired,
which came as quite a shock,
Like Towns’ game winner against the Grizzlies
that barely beat the shot clock

Drip Saunders flashed his fancy suits
Recognizing each player’s attributes

And the one they call KAT
made the All-Star game,
Buckets all season,
his numbers were flame

But, still it was another year
of searching for the right path
After all it’s Timberwolves, Jake,
there’s always tons to work at

With questions about standards and debates about process
We have hopes this year’s draft will fuel progress

It’s certainly been a year of change
Now the time has come to rearrange

So reminded by banners won by the Lynx,
which hang high in the rafters
We stay hoping and we stay dreaming
for promising new chapters.