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Thread: NBA Draft Day News & Notes

Draft Day is finally upon us, and the rumor mill is hot as ever.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Minnesota Timberwolves Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, draft day is here. Since the Timberwolves season came to a close on April 10, this has been all we have really had to look forward to. Follow along here for Timberwolves related news and notes throughout the day as well as what’s going on around the league. I hope everyone’s got their Woj/Shams/Jon notifications on.

Wolves Moving Up?

It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not on a day like today, but according to Jeff Goodman, the Timberwolves are in aggressive discussions to move up to the 4th pick, presumably to take Vanderbilt’s Darius Garland.

Personally, I’m not a fan of moving RoCo to move up in this draft. If Gersson Rosas and his team think that Garland is worth the risk, then I guess we trust that he knows a hell of a lot more than we do (he does).

Tobias Harris, Hello???

So, this has come relatively out of the blue, but apparently Tobias Harris has interest in joining the Wolves. Whether this is simply a negotiating tactic with the Philadelphia 76ers remains to be seen, but you better believe I’m going to run with some Tobias/Wolves photo shops.

Apparently Jimmy Butler didn’t kill the idea of Karl-Anthony Towns being a dominant player to his new teammates.

Second Rounders Being Dealt

A plethora of teams have been moving their second round picks for cash already, and I’d expect this trend to continue. To me, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to sell these picks, as they’re a great way to get some cost controlled talent. If you have a ton of second round picks, just stash a few of them, as opposed to selling them for cash.

Coby White a Late Riser?

It’s long been assumed the New York Knicks would do the logical thing and just take R.J. Barrett with the third pick in the draft. It’s always foolish to expect the Knicks to be logical, but this news is literally coming from left field.

There’s a decent chance this is just a smoke screen, but who knows. The Knicks are weird and expecting them to do the rational thing is never the right move.

T.J. Warren on the Move?

The Phoenix Suns have not been quiet about wanting to move T.J. Warren’s contract, and it appears they (maybe?) have found a suitor in the Dallas Mavericks. Warren is a solid wing scorer, albeit an overpaid one. He’d be an intriguing fit along Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis.

Movement at End of First Round Coming?

It appears that contending teams are looking to move into the early 20s from the second round to acquire some talent. The team to keep an eye on here in terms of moving these picks is likely the Boston Celtics, who own picks 14 & 20 in this evenings draft. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Danny Ainge move the 20th pick for a second rounder or future draft compensation.

Oklahoma City also appears to be a team looking to trade out of one of these spots, hoping to attach a player or players to get themselves under the luxury tax threshold.

Dario Saric a Fit in NOP Trade?

RealGM is reporting that the Pelicans are looking for “a veteran stretch-4” in exchange for the 4th overall pick. While not quite a definitive “veteran” yet, Dario Saric would seem to be a name that could make some sense given the Timberwolves interest in moving up to that slot.

Rob Pelinka Does it Again

File this under things you just truly, sincerely, hate to see.

Stay tuned for more...