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Wolves Trade Up in the Draft

The Wolves trade Dario Saric and Pick 11 for Pick 6

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Denver Nuggets Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After a solid week of rumors where the Wolves were seemingly working hard to move up in the draft, the finally founding a trading partner at #6.

This is pretty huge news. It was unclear what the Wolves were going to be considering moving in their quest to move up in the draft, not to mention who they were even moving up for. Josh Okogie, Dario Saric, and Robert Covington were names thrown around, but it ended up being Saric that was sent along with the #11 pick.

It is very likely the Wolves will end up with either Darius Garland or Coby White. The Atlanta Hawks have already moved up in the draft to pick #4 and Woj has indicated that they are interested in De’Andre Hunter. Assuming the Knicks stay the course with R.J. Barrett, which feels like a fair assumption, that leaves the Wolves to pick one of the available point guards. It’s possible they may have their choice of the two as Jarrett Culver is expected to be picked at #5.

It’s certainly sad to see Dario Saric go so quickly, but if the Wolves nail this pick, it is a fair cost to move up in the draft to get the player they were likely coveting at the #4. The Wolves cap sheet is tight and this move could help them get their point guard of the future, which is a huge need on this roster.

The craziness has just begin. Got a long night ahead of us. We will find out in a couple of hours if this was worth it.