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Free Agency Day: Strap In

NBA free agency commences at 5 pm Central today. Expect a lot of activity.

Toronto Raptors Victory Parade & Rally Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

NBA free agency commences today at 5:00 pm CDT, a welcome change from when it would start at midnight.

Of course “start” may not be the right word, since it’s clear teams and players/agents have had contact over the last few weeks, since several agreements seem all but reached. In theory, this afternoon is when teams can start talking to free agents from other teams, but we will see reporting of several agreements beginning right at 5 pm.

Players can’t actually sign deals until July 6th, but many players will have them in place well before then.

Some highlights from the rumor mill today:

Kemba Walker seems headed to the Celtics (leaving the Hornets absolutely bereft)....

...Walker will replace Kyrie Irving, who looks set for the Nets, replacing D’Angelo Russell...

...who might be headed to the Wolves, though there still seems to be a lot of uncertainty about how that will happen.

Al Horford might wind up with the Kings? That would be fun.

We likely won’t get definitive decisions from Kawhi Leonard or Kevin Durant immediately, which might slow some other things down, but there will be plenty of action today.

The Wolves will also talk to RFA Tyus Jones today, though I don’t expect anything to happen on that front until Jones sees what kind of market exists for him.

That giant sigh of relief you heard from me was the news that the Pistons are trying to sign Derrick Rose.

Ricky Rubio seems headed to the Pacers, which might be a terrific fit. Earlier today Doogie Wolfson reported the nugget that the Wolves were interested in Rubio as a plan B if Russell didn’t work out, but were told he was likely headed elsewhere before the recruitment could really begin. I find it interesting that this F.O. saw him as a fit, even though he’s an entirely different kind of player than Russell.

Lots of other stuff happening. This is our open thread to keep track of and discuss rumors.

I’m here, just waiting for the Woj and Shams bombs.

How you?