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NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Minnesota Timberwolves

The Path To 82-0

Hard to see a loss on the schedule

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA dropped the 2019-20 schedule this afternoon. Upon preliminary review, it seems likely the Wolves could be headed towards the greatest season of all-time and achieve something the prestigious Golden State Hamptons Fives couldn’t even muster out of their cheat code roster: 82-0!

A source close to the franchise believes the team could win, on the low-end, 74 games.

The official schedule is linked below. I have appropriately labeled it as WOLVES SCHEDULE! As you’ll see, the season starts in Brooklyn on Wednesday, October 23. This is the sixth consecutive season the Wolves will open on the road after beginning at home for 13 straight seasons from 2001 to 2013. That’s obviously an easy win without Durant in the fold, and it only gets easier after that. They will play their first six games against the Eastern Conference, which means 6-0. The home opener is vs. Jimmy Butler and the various teammates that will loathe him in 3-6 months ... sorry I mean the Miami Heat. That’s another win on Sunday, October 27, meaning a smooth cruise to 7-0.

If my predictive model is correct, the 75 games after that shouldn’t present too many issues, as the Wolves have the MVP in Karl-Anthony Towns and the Second Coming of Jesus — who should have zero issues adjusting to the Association — in “rookie” Jarrett Culver. It’s actually not really fair to call him a rookie when he’s already better than Kobe. All of this Zion is the Greatest Thing Since LeBron talk is kind of hilarious, to be honest. JC is standing right there in plain sight. I don’t hear Drake or Rick Ross rapping about him, though.



All I see is 82-0. What catches your eye?