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Friday Cup of Canis

A look at which current and former Wolves players I’d most like to have a drink with

Minnesota Timberwolves v Boston Celtics Photo by Chris Elise/Getty Images

Happy Friday, team! Another week in the books! As we head into the weekend, hopefully all of our minds are on kicking back and relaxing a little bit. Personally, I’m going to plop down on the couch tonight, pour myself a healthy glass of wine (or two) and re-watch the Minnesota Gophers defeating Penn State in football last year because I’m a psycho like that.

Anyways, today, we’re going to run through the past and present Wolves players I’d most like to get a drink with. I’m 24 years old and hardly remember the late 90s and early 2000s, so if I missed someone from that time-frame, well, that’s not on me. I’m excited to hear where you guys would differ from me, but I think most of us will agree on the number one draft pick.

In this draft, I can’t run to the podium fast enough to select...

Nikola Pekovic

I mean, he’s got to be the first pick, right? Pek is one of the most lovable members of the Wolves since I’ve been old enough to watch. Pek is one of the largest humans I’ve ever seen, yet he gives off the persona of a gentle giant, regardless of what his alleged new business pursuits may suggest.

I’d want to ask Pek about everything, especially about Montenegro and what is was like coming to America. I get the impression Pek would enjoy a neat glass of vodka while I try my best just to hold that down.

Kevin Garnett

I’m doing this one as a service to Kevin Garnett, very big of me, I know. Seriously though, I just want the guy to relax for a few minutes. KG is so intense all the time, which is what made him a Hall of Fame player in the NBA, but I’d love to just get him to relax a little bit. KG would have some incredible stories about Flip Saunders, and he and I could surely have some fun discussing Paul Pierce. Somehow, I think Garnett and I may have differing views on where LeBron James stands in the history of the NBA.

Anthony Tolliver

This is a little outside the box, but Tolliver was here during a few different stints and seems like a genuinely warm, welcoming person. I’m interested to know what it’s like being a bench/role player for such a long time and how he managed that. I’d love to hear about the ins and outs of his multiple stints in Minnesota as well.

More than anything, though, I selected Tolliver to ask about the “incident” with Michael Beasley on the bench. That’s just an all-time NBA moment.

Mo Williams/Kevin Love

This is admittedly a joint pick made with the sole purpose of getting some good LeBron stories. Williams will have the stories from LeBron’s first stint in Cleveland, while Love will have stories about the second stint. I’m curious to hear all of it.

Beyond that, I really do think Love would be a great person to sit down and have a beer with. His work he’s done around mental health is remarkable, and I’d love to hear more about what he’s doing.

Ricky Rubio

Has anyone been through more in Minnesota than Ricky Rubio? From being the golden boy from Spain, to (one of) the player(s) the Wolves selected ahead of Steph Curry, Rubio ultimately became a solid starting point guard for the Timberwolves. Was he perfect? Nope, but I’d love to sit down and have a glass of wine with Rubio, who undoubtedly have a more refined wine palate than I do.

More than anything, I’d love to just sit down with Rubio because of his attitude. The guy just always seems to stay positive, and I love that. Sign me up for a sit down with Rubio, preferably at his favorite spot in Spain.

I’ve clearly showed my youth a bit here, who did I miss?