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Dane Moore NBA Podcast: Final Big Boards for the 2020 NBA Draft

NBL Rd 9 - New Zealand v Illawarra Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

With the draft less than a week away, below you will find my final 2020 NBA Draft Big Board. I don’t pretend to be an expert on this topic, but I do know I’ve watched the film on these prospects. My friend Will DeBerg, who coaches here locally at the University of St. Thomas, has been working through the film with me on the pod these past six months — and we’ve both come to our own (very different) conclusions.

I also thought it would be valuable to show you how far the actual “experts” vary on this class.

So, on the pod and in this table you’ll find my and Will’s rankings based off of the film we watched. But then additionally included are the rankings of year-round draftniks Kevin O’Connor (The Ringer), Sam Vecenie (The Athletic) and Mike Schmitz and Jonathan Givony (the DraftExpress guys now at ESPN). Kevin Pelton’s board from ESPN, that is purely analytics-influenced, is included as well. And then, finally, Chad Ford’s Big Board — which is a ranking that is put together based on the intel Ford has been able to gather from scouts and league executives.

For the pod, Will and I only ranked our top 14 prospects — so, when you see “n/r”, that just means the prospects is out of our respective lottery. Thank you for following along this year. It’s been a blast. Let’s do a draft and play some actual basketball.

(If you can’t access the Spotify player, click here to listen to the latest episode.)