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Sunday Cup of Canis

Let chaos ensue

Minnesota Timberwolves Introduce New Players - Presser Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

All week, we’ve been waiting to find out when the trade moratorium would be lifted. This morning, Woj filled us in.

Of course, things don’t just come and go quietly in the NBA. Within minutes of this latest Woj bomb, we got our first juicy trade rumor.

From the Lakers perspective, this feels like an overpay, although maybe not a massive one. If you watched a lot of the Lakers last year (hard not to), you probably noticed Danny Green didn’t quite look like his normal self on either end of the floor. Los Angeles probably was hoping for something closer to low-40%ish three-point shooting and stellar defense. They just didn’t get that.

From Oklahoma City’s perspective, this looks like it will be yet another long-term win for Oklahoma City. The 28th pick from the Lakers is fine, but what they’re probably a lot more interested in is flipping Danny Green to a contender for another pick.

With that, it appears the trade will be finalized on Monday. If LA isn’t sending Danny Green to OKC for salary purposes, they can probably still get to enough outgoing salary if a few of their guys opt-in to their player options.

One thing worth noting here that I’ll be interested to watch develop throughout the league is how much weight teams put into one season sample sizes. For instance, while moving Danny Green for Dennis Schroder certainly could make the Lakers better, it’s worth pointing out that they’re also selling-low AND buying-high. It’s possible Green has just aged past his most productive days, but this is certainly a risk that the Lakers are taking.