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Canis Hoopus Appreciation Post

Minneosta Timberwolves Give Thanks Event Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s been 261 consecutive days since the Minnesota Timberwolves last played a professional basketball game. And yet, 2020 has still given us plenty to talk about — from the death of George Floyd, to the COVID-19 pandemic, finishing up with the 2020 election — our little community has had plenty of non-basketball (yet far more serious and important) topics to debate and discuss over these last nine or so months since I took over as Site Manager.

While the basketball conversations have picked up over the last few weeks as we navigated through a virtual NBA Draft and expedited NBA Free Agency, I’m not here today to discuss cap sheets, mid-level exceptions, or whether or not Ricky Rubio will be in the starting lineup.

I simply wanted to share my sincere and honest appreciation to each and every one of you that continues to frequent Canis Hoopus, support my work and the work of our extremely talented staff, and for the many interesting and thought-provoking conversations that everyone in this community continues to openly share on the pages of this silly little Bucks Timberwolves/Lynx blog.

When I took over for Eric back in April (just a few short weeks into a worldwide pandemic), I had a much different “vision” of how managing a website as a side job would play out. Fast forward to today, and while many of my original goals or ideas have been put on pause, I cannot thank each of our writers enough or each of our community members enough for not only supporting everything we do but also for giving me specifically an outlet/platform to distract myself from my own issues I’ve been dealing with on a personal level.

For the first time in my young adult life, I won’t be spending Thanksgiving with my family. I imagine many of you will be experiencing the same thing. It’s unfortunate, it’s depressing, and it does very little to uplift us during a time when we (or at least I myself) need family the most.

But however you may be spending today, please know that you are appreciated, you are loved, and you are an important member of not only this little community but also the communities that you call home and the communities that you frequent. Brighter days are indeed on the horizon, but until then, continue to stay safe, be well, and take care of not only your friends and family, but also yourself.

Switching gears and on a much lighter note — I was hoping to use today’s non-basketball related open thread as a good place for members to share their favorite recipes, annual traditions, and maybe (hopefully!) some tips on what to do with your leftovers. As the only one in my small household who enjoys turkey, I’m staring down the barrel of a LOT of extra food this weekend, so I welcome any/all suggestions on how to repurpose the bevy of food that will fill my little apartment fridge this weekend.

Cheers, y’all!