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2020-2021 Timberwolves City Edition Jerseys Released

The North Star state is bringing black back.

Minnesota Timberwolves City Edition Uniform Portraits Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Earlier this morning, the Minnesota Timberwolves released their 2020-2021 Nike City uniforms, to which the team is calling their “North Star City” edition threads. The release of these new uniforms was announced in the video below:

I’ll be honest, when the jerseys first leaked on Twitter, I was less than impressed. However, the content that the Timberwolves organization used to hype these up got me... well, hyped! They certainly look much better than when thrown on some random bed. As our very own Derek James puts it, the shorts really do the heavy lifting to tie it all together.

The sleekness of black jerseys has always been something I’ve enjoyed so I was happy to see the Wolves pivot back in that direction for the first time since 2013. With over half (16) of the league also going with black City Edition jerseys, I was pumped to maybe see some type of remake or homage to the classic 1996 black tree jerseys (which is now rumored to be the concept for the 2021-2022 City Edition jerseys).

Although I was left empty-handed in that department, I can still breathe a sigh of relief knowing we didn’t end up with a jersey that disrespected our past (Warriors) or some very confusing design (Sixers, Kings). I think they successfully aired on the safe side while adding some flair and history. As a non-Minnesotan, I had no idea that “The North Star State” (L’Étoile du Nord apparently, for you carl) was a thing so that was cool to learn about as well.

If you’re wondering what all of the thirty City Edition jerseys look like for the upcoming season, I’ve included the graphic below for your viewing pleasure:

Who’s jersey are you going to (virtually) get in line for first? I know my current Christmas list has two Ricky Rubio jerseys on it, but it has now grown to three. So in true YoLeo fashion: Let me know your thoughts on these jerseys with a vote!