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NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Denver Nuggets

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In Support of KAT

Prayers to him and his family.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Hi, KAT.

If you’ve followed this website long enough, you’ve likely seen that phrase in the comment section. I have probably commented that at least 20 times myself. It all started when Karl-Anthony Towns told Dane Moore and I, years ago, that he read Canis Hoopus. I think we were both over the moon at the time. Maybe he only read it once or twice, or simply saw a tweet or two, or perhaps, in CH Fan Fiction, he has multiple accounts here to keep track of what we’re all saying.

Anyway, the whole “Hi, KAT” thing is, I guess, somewhat of an ode to our beloved big man and a little joke that maybe he is actually down there in the comments with all of us. I tell you this because I don’t exactly know how else to write about how difficult it was to hear Karl in such pain today during his first Wolves media availability in quite some time.

“It’s gonna be hard to play,” said KAT, before telling media over a Zoom call that he “hasn’t been in a mentally good place” since his mom passed away. Towns also revealed that he’s lost six other family/relations from COVID in addition to his mother.

Thinking about basketball immediately felt pointless. I can’t imagine how difficult these times have been for him and every other family across the world dealing with heartache.

“I’m trying to ... keep my family out of harm’s way. I’ve seen a lot of coffins in the last seven, eight months. I have a lot of people who are in my family, my mom’s family, who have gotten COVID, and I’m the one looking for answers still to try to keep my family well informed and make all the moves necessary to keep them alive.”

Karl once called basketball his therapy, as he told Chris Hine of the Star Tribune. Today, he no longer looks at hoops the same way. “It’s going to be difficult to say this is therapy again for me, but it gives me a chance to relive good memories I had. I guess that’s the only therapy I’m going to get from it. It’s not going to help me emotionally or anything like that.”

Towns showed great strength being there in the first place to discuss the tremendous amount of pain and heartache the pandemic has brought, and to share everything he’s gone through due to COVID. I could transcribe more of the quotes and tell you how he briefly mentioned having D’Angelo and Ricky—who has also dealt with the loss of his mother—around to help, but that’s not why I came back here this afternoon.

I came by to simply say, Hi, KAT.

On the 1% chance he sees this, just know that Canis Hoopus is with you.