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Wednesday Cup of Canis: What’s Next?

How will the Wolves approach the rest of the season?

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Minnesota Timberwolves Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Wow do we need a new thread.

So the All-Star game was apparently fun and reasonably competitive, though I don’t feel like I missed out by not watching. The part that intrigued me was the modified Elam ending they used, something I’m a big fan of. I doubt it will happen anytime soon, but I think it would improve the NBA viewing experience if it were used for real. I hope to at least see it in the G-League in the next few years.

For those of you who didn’t read my Lynx piece yesterday, it’s worth noting that Napheesa Collier is part of the U.S. Olympic 3-on-3 team that will try (and succeed) to qualify for the Olympics. Those qualifiers take place in March in India. The men will also be a part of that, and that squad includes Robbie Hummel.

The Wolves will return to action Friday night, hosting the Boston Celtics. It seems unlikely that Karl-Anthony Towns will play due to his wrist injury, although we have not had an update since the start of the All-Star break.

The Wolves have 28 games remaining and a lot to accomplish in those games. They have to sort out who among the almost wholly new roster they want to invest in—particularly with restricted free agency on the horizon for Malik Beasley and Juancho Hernangomez. They need to use this time for the players to learn each other and the system so they are ready to go out of the gates next year.

It would also be good, in my view, for them to win as much as possible. The culture has to change, and only winning really changes it. This group needs confidence they can be successful, and needs to feel positive about the future in Minnesota before heading off for the summer.

The counter argument is of course the draft, and losing as much as possible to secure better chances in the lottery. I’ve never been a big believer in that approach, and I’m still not. Be as good as you are capable of being, and let the chips fall. Nobody from this draft is going to be a savior.

Mostly wanted to get a new thread up, so here you go.

As always, discuss whatever you want, but as a personal favor can we try not to replicate the last couple of threads?

As you will.

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