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Towns Has Left Wrist Fracture

We finally get a bit of clarity on the franchise player’s most recent injury

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Minnesota Timberwolves Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

We finally have some clarity on the injury to Karl-Anthony Towns:

Of course “at least two weeks” could also mean “the rest of the season” but obviously the Wolves are not positioning it that way. They would probably still like to sell a few tickets.

Still, we can hope he comes back sometime in mid-march for the run-in, and gets some time on the court with D’Angelo Russell et. al.

Towns apparently initially injured the wrist on January 25th against the Thunder. An X-Ray taken at that time came back negative, but obviously recent tests done after his discomfort continued tell a different story.

At least this time we know what the problem is and the team won’t be listing Towns as “questionable” for every game as happened with his earlier knee injury.

While fans are not entitled to know everything, as much transparency as possible is a good starting point for teams in trying to build trust with their fan base. The Wolves have not been great this season at dealing publicly with injuries, but perhaps today’s announcement is a step in the right direction.

Get well soon KAT. We want to watch you play basketball.