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Kings 113, Wolves 109: Meh

So, yeah, the Wolves lost again.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Sacramento Kings Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Twelve. The losing streak is now at twelve. That’s twice as many losses as the Bucks have on the entire season.

The Wolves played a little better tonight, so there’s that, but it was still mostly ugly, and yet again ended in defeat. A wild, crazy, end to the game in the most Kings/Wolves way led to the Wolves having a shot at the buzzer, but nobody really deserved to win this game.

Going to keep it relatively short and sweet tonight, but here were the main takeaways:

  • Ryan Saunders finally went to two bigs, and it worked! Jordan Bell got some run tonight and played pretty well. I’m not sure what he did to end up so far in the doghouse, but you’d have to think his energy would be useful.
  • Jarrett Culver is in a deep valley right now. He only played 18 minutes tonight, and Kelan Martin closed the game over him. While it’s never a good thing for Kelan Martin to be in your closing lineup, it’s hard to argue that Culver deserved to be in the game.
  • The bench was really good. They were the only reason this game was remotely close down to the wire. McLaughlin, Okogie, Martin, Bell, and Gorgui were the only five players to have a positive +/-. In particular, JO and McLauglin stood out. It’s been awhile since a good JO game, so that was encouraging to see.
  • De’Aaron Fox is really, really good. He poured in 31 points on 10-16 from the floor. There’s too much talent on the Sacramento roster in general for them to be this bad, which doesn’t exactly reflect positively on Luke Walton.
  • It was a relatively quiet night from Karl-Anthony Towns, in kind of an odd way. He just never really seemed to be in the flow of the game. His passing chops were on display, though, as he dished out 6 assists with a few other passes that didn’t end up leading to baskets.
  • Lastly, we’re dangerously close to complete and total apathy. Something needs to change, and soon. It’s hard to really find any joy in watching this squad right now.