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Wolves Trade Gorgui Dieng to Memphis For James Johnson

In what appears to be a money saving move, the Wolves have traded Gorgui Dieng. It’s a bit sad, really.

Atlanta Hawks v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

A crazy trade deadline for the Timberwolves just got a little crazier as the Wolves have reportedly traded Gorgui Dieng to Memphis for James Johnson, who was part of the Andre Iguodala swap with Miami. This trade was first reported by The Athletic.

Johnson is a 32 year old forward, and at this point it’s not clear whether he will ever play for the Wolves, but he makes nearly $2M less than Dieng this season, and has a player option for next season. With the Wolves cresting the luxury tax line with their earlier trade with the Warriors, they needed to shed a bit of money to get back under the cap. This deal should do that.

Dieng, despite his best efforts and generally good results, has struggled for playing time over the past couple of seasons. This year, with the Wolves committed to playing small, he started the season out of the rotation, but showed his worth during Karl-Anthony Towns’ lengthy injury absence. But since KAT’s return, he’s been relegated to limited back up duty.

So for him, hopefully a fresh start. He was a fan favorite, and deservedly so. His effort was always top notch, his comments thoughtful, and he is one of the best humans ever to put on a Wolves jersey. We’ll circle back around to Dieng at some point when the dust settles, but best of luck to him.