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Thursday Cup of Canis: No More Basketball

Does it feel like a bit of relief?

NBA: All Star-Saturday Night Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

After it appeared the NBA would move to a plan to play games without fans in attendance, the league abruptly changed course last night after it was discovered that Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz is infected with the corona virus. (ESPN now reports that Donovan Mitchell has also been diagnosed.)

Instead, the league has suspended play indefinitely. This is the safe move. Even without large crowds, the league would still be moving groups of 50 people or so in and out of airports and cities on a daily basis were they to continue to play. Instead, they will hunker down and wait it out.

Many other sports are doing the same thing, or at least playing in empty arenas, as is the current plan for the NCAA basketball tournaments.

While I don’t know, it wouldn’t surprise me if we’ve seen the last of the Wolves for this season. They may just go straight to the playoffs once they resume play, and seeding based on the 63 or 64 games most teams have played.

That would be fine. I can live without seeing that layup line defense again until October. It would also relieve any pressure on Karl-Anthony Towns to get back on the court.

As an aside, the Wolves currently have the third worst record in the league, ahead of only the Warriors and the Cavs. That means, if the season is over and the assign lottery places and ping pong balls based on today’s records, the Wolves would wind up with a pick anywhere from first to seventh.

Meanwhile, we’ll figure out some stuff to write about.

Have a thread.