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Passing the Torch: A Heartfelt Thank You

This is my farewell as site manager at Canis Hoopus. It’s been incredible.

Memphis Grizzlies v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Deep breath.

I write to announce that I am giving up the role as site manager here at Canis Hoopus. It has been an amazing honor to be the face of this incredible website for so many years, but it’s time for me to let someone else take the helm.

Before you start to worry, or, you know, rejoice at this news, let me say that I’ll still be around, certainly in comments, which is the heart of everything we do here, and likely with some articles when the mood strikes. More importantly, long-time Canis contributor Kyle Theige is taking over as site manager, so things are in excellent hands.

My decision stems from nothing specific, other than feeling like it’s time. I admit to being a bit burned out by this blogging gig, and just no longer have the energy to meet my responsibilities to the site with the quality and excitement you all deserve. This place is still like home to me, but I’m like the old grandpa who can no longer keep up the maintenance on the homestead.

There are so many people to thank, but let me start with Nate, who passed this thing on to me many years ago. Old-timers will remember our collective angst when Nate decided to step away; He, along with Tim and others had created something special, and many of us were afraid of what the future held for Canis.

I’ve told this story before, but I suppose once more won’t hurt if you will indulge me: The reason I stepped forward to take on the site was entirely because of that fear. I was struggling at the time with mental health issues that made it very difficult for me to maintain and cultivate relationships in real life. Canis was a lifeline for me. I NEEDED this site—it was the one place where I could interact with smart, interesting people and make something resembling friends, because I was utterly incapable otherwise. It was the one place where I felt valued and welcomed, something I very much needed. The one place where I could participate without spiraling at just the thought of human interaction.

I wasn’t the only one. To a greater or lesser extent many members had similar feelings, and the desperation to keep Canis operating as the corner bar was palpable. So many thanks to Nate for creating a place that means so much to so many of us. I hope we’ve been able to hang on to some of that spirit over these past years.

All the people who have written for the site over the years. Thank you. Your contributions were vital and remain appreciated. I won’t name them all for fear of forgetting, but Kyle especially deserves thanks for his dedication and willingness to take on responsibility for the site.

My friend John Meyer. I could not have handled this without John. He’s been our eyes at Target Center, but more importantly, he’s worked incredibly hard editing countless pieces for the site. In the process, he has helped many writers improve immeasurably. He has done it out of a desire to help people be their best. He put his own passion for writing on the back burner to help others, and I want to thank him for it. He’s been a great partner in this effort for the past five years.

In the end, it’s all of you. Without readers, without commenters, this wouldn’t mean anything. The comments section is the heartbeat of Canis Hoopus. Plenty of SB Nation NBA blogs have more traffic, I’m not sure any of them have as robust, contentious, and wide ranging comments. Nate established a sensibility that has been easy for me to live up to because it is the thing I cherish most about this place: We’ll talk about anything. The conversation goes where it goes. The fact that we have been able to do that with very little line crossing over the years speaks to the intelligence and generosity of spirit that you all bring to this site. We’ve had our moments, but when I look back, the limited amount of moderation I’ve had to engage in amazes me given how few rules we have.

That we still have active commenters from before I took on the site is an amazing thing, and it is evidence of the incredible community we have built here. Old timers and newer voices merging to make something worthwhile every day. More than 10 years of Canis, and it’s still vital and intelligent and appropriately cantankerous.

I was a member of the commentariat before I was site manager, and while I was site manager. Now I will continue to be one as a former site manager. This place means the world to me, and it’s because of the relationships I’ve formed.

Nothing could mean more.

Thank you.