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NBA: Chicago Bulls at Minnesota Timberwolves
The dynamic D’Angelo has brought new life to the point guard position in Minneapolis.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Locker Room Videos From Last Night

No Fake Gym Rats!

There were plenty of good quotes coming out of the Wolves locker room last night so I figured it might be nice to put all of the videos I got in one spot, especially for those readers that don’t run around on those wild Twitter streets.

James Johnson continues to be an excellent interview! He praised undrafted rookie Naz Reid for the second straight night.

As long as the team doesn’t have any fake gym rats, everything will be fine! Johnson’s answer on communication was enlightening. I also hope to hear more Gunna blasting after wins; losing is terribly boring.

D’Angelo wasn’t aware Naz could pass as well as he can. He’s sneaky good at dishing the rock.

Russell also doesn’t believe Malik Beasley gets enough credit. That’s obviously changing right before our eyes.

A backcourt that watches film together is a backcourt that thrives together, right? I believe that’s written in the CBA.

Do these remaining games even matter? YES.

“We’re a great team, man. It’s scary how great we are. People don’t see it yet,” says Malik Beasley.

Overrated, underrated? Beasley really doesn’t care.