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Denver Nuggets v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Wolves Classics: Reliving Game 82

“All the battles, the blood, sweat, and tears we’ve had this whole year. It all feels worth it for this one moment,” said Andrew Wiggins.

Time to throw it back! Remember when the Wolves beat the Denver Nuggets in Game 82 in 2018 on the last day of a grueling regular season? Thibs. Jimmy. Jamal. There was Towns, Teague, Taj, and Tyus. Our old friends Wiggs, Belly, and Iron G were still around. Things were wildly different, though many of us are happier with the state of the franchise these days given the chaos that erupted.

Still, it’s a moment that shouldn’t soon be forgotten. The franchise finally broke the playoff drought.

FSN has been re-broadcasting Wolves Classics and tonight brings back one of the most memorable sporting events of my life. I still recall exactly what it felt like to live in that Wolves moment. The intensity of the game, the nervousness, the way each possesion felt monumental, the immense relief of not blowing the most meaningful game in forever. All of the feelings come flooding back when thinking about it. The Target Center was so loud on that Wednesday night in the first final-day play-in game in the NBA in 21 years.

What I wrote back then obviously reads differently now given all of the change but what could never change is how so many of us felt that night—the emotion and joy that brought all of us die-hard fans together.

I’ll be live-tweeting the replay of this game tonight. It starts at 7 pm CT, and it only feels right to have a game thread up here at Canis Hoopus for anyone else who wants to dive back into this thrilling contest. Let’s relive this one together...or talk about whatever! It’s Canis. That what we do here.