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Nets 107, Wolves 101: Thurski Thursday

And with that my friends, it’s officially time for the regular season.

The Minnesota Timberwolves fell to the Brooklyn Nets in their final preseason game of the year. As someone who put $10 on the Wolves +8 line, I’ll take it. Overall the Nets and most notably Kevin Durant were just too much for this Timberwolves team. The game went pretty much as expected and had both positives and negatives.

Starting with the positives, the most notable one was probably Malik Beasley getting going. Up to this game Beasley had a rough preseason all around and especially shooting which is his biggest strength. If the Wolves can get this version of Beasley on opening night then they’ll be in much better shape. It wasn’t elite by any means, but he shot 4/11 from three and overall his shot looked much smoother and more comfortable.

Another positive was Anthony Edwards shooting the ball when driving. He, like Beasley, has struggled to find his consistent jump shot this season. Luckily his ability to drive to the rim was as good as ever. Overall, Edwards scored 23 points and most of them came when driving.

This was certainly good to see but the Wolves and Edwards have to hope his jump shot is back to form on opening night. He was 7-15 on two point shots and 2-8 from deep. Overall just 9-22 on shots for 23 points. Reminiscent of everyone’s favorite Andrew Wiggins but Edwards ill be fine.

We all knew going into tonight that this game was going to be tough, even without Kyrie Irving for the Nets. Kevin Durant showed why Anthony Edwards called him the best player in the game and the Wolves didn’t have an answer. No one does. Jaden McDaniels is a solid option to pair up against him but, like, he’s still Kevin Durant.

The Wolves wrapped up the 2021 preseason with a 3-1 record and they looked surprisingly strong over the last week and a half. For Wolves optimists, these four preseasons games should have provided enough ammunition to keep that excitement going when the real games tip off next week.

As for the biggest takeaway from not only tonight but quite possibly the entire 2021 offseason/preseason, we go to our good friend Dane Moore for this hard-hitting journalism:

Never change, ANT.

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