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Bleav in Timberwolves Podcast EP. 59 - Wolves Beat Bucks, Look Ahead to Nuggets & 3-Man Lineups We Need More Of

The Timberwolves responded to a tough game against the Pelicans by beating the reigning NBA Champs.

Brendan is back with another episode of the Bleav in Timberwolves Podcast to give you all the news, breakdowns, and thoughts on your favorite team.

On today’s episode, Brendan takes a look at what went wrong against the Pelicans in an ugly loss on Monday night at Target Center including the poor rebounding effort, an emotional KAT turning the refs against him, and D’Angelo Russell having one of the worst performances we have seen from him.

Then, Brendan talks about how the Minnesota Timberwolves’ leaders took accountability, self reflected, and applied another level of energy and tenacity in a game against the reigning Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and his Milwaukee Bucks.

After detailing the roller-coaster of the last couple games, Brendan looks ahead to a matchup against the reigning MVP and his Denver Nuggets who come to town on Saturday night.

Finally, Brendan takes a look at some lineups that he thinks we need to see a bit more of going forward this season.

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