The Wolves Should Not and Cannot Rely on the Greatness of a Second Year Player

In last nights victory over the Sacramento Kings, Anthony Edwards shined in the fourth quarter, dropping 16 and ending with 26 on the night. It was very nice to see him finally knock down threes but that didn't start until the final quarter. 4 of 10 from deep looks like a nice game from behind the arch, but if you watched the game you know it wasn't as pretty as it seems.

Edwards was at 10 points coming into the fourth, as well as shooting inefficiently and not hitting any threes. Thankfully that changed when the fourth quarter began. He lit up the Kings single handedly by both attacking the rim and hitting step backs and pull up threes. Was it encouraging to see? Of course it is. We are watching a twenty year-old carry a team to a much needed victory late in the game. However, we know he is not consistent yet. So the Wolves shouldn't rely on him to shine in order to pull out much needed wins like last night. They desperately need Russell and Towns to be able to do these things too, especially Russell.

In the Suns game, Russell was one of six in the closing minutes, and that one was a wide open layup that was given to the Wolves because of a broken defense. Some of the shots he took were forced but many were wide open shots that the Russell we know knocks down most of the time. Especially the game leading look he got off of an Anthony Edwards pass. Dlo was at the top of the key wide open not just for his shot, but he also had a teammate to his right who was wide open too. I am fine with Dlo taking the shot because we have seen him make these before. But at the most important time in the game, he missed it. The great look that turned into the miss won't give us fans any moral victories, and in Minnesota, we hold those dearly.

One of the moral victories included the best game Karl Anthony-Towns has had this season. He dropped 35 points along with 13 boards in that Suns game. However, he didn't get any shots up in the final two minutes of the game. He was the hottest player by far and he was seemingly unguardable. That doesn't matter when he doesn't get the ball in the clutch minutes. Some of that is Finch and his gameplan, but as a seven year veteran point guard, you would think he would feed the hot hand. Maybe it is time Kat demands the ball when he is feeling it. Shooting no shots is the same as shooting and missing every single one. It isn't helpful at all.

In the clutch minutes of the Kings game, Ant took over most of the ball handling and he also got the ball often while the Wolves ran their horns set they love. Don't get me wrong Ant has proven he can carry a team, but like I said he is twenty years-old and in his second year. He has immense potential and he could possibly grow into that guy as early as this year. However, history repeats itself and we have seen him go cold often in the clutch more times than not.

With the Spurs matchup tonight, I believe the Wolves will pull out a victory. Primarily because the Spurs are missing some size. They aren't as big as Sacramento, who gave the Wolves more than problems in rebounding. Ant tends to go cold after big games so Kat and Dlo must show up in order to win this must win game for the second night in a row. I know, must win games in November. But you don't want to start off with a 10 win season approaching Christmas. We know how those go in Minnesota.