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Thanksgiving Cup of Canis

We need to have an honest discussion about pie

Syndication: Iowa City Press-Citizen Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you’re all surrounded by loved ones today enjoying what is, to me, the most underrated holiday. Sure, it’s not a warm-weather holiday or a big party holiday, but is there anything truly better than stuffing (pun intended) your face with great food and watching basketball and football all day? I digress.

With that said, there is one notable issue that I’d like to bring some attention to, since it relates directly to this holiday.

Pie stinks. It absolutely stinks.

Sure, a little pumpkin pie isn’t bad, but wouldn’t you rather have just about any other dessert? My guess is you would, even if pumpkin pie is among the very best pies. It’s okay to deviate from traditions when the traditions are bad. Sweet potato pie? Seriously? We’re better than this.

Let’s all collectively agree to move on from pies, even if we have to attach, say, a top-3 protected first-round pick to do so. Let pie be free to prosper elsewhere.

Anyways, I wanted to use this space to do a few things. First, I wanted to get my pie slander off (mission accomplished). More than that, though, I wanted to just devote a little bit of space to say how thankful we are for YOU, the readers.

Believe me, we’re very much aware how blessed we are to have the reader base that we do. You guys have stuck with us — and the team — through some rough, rough years. I suppose now, through the force of Anthony Edwards, we might see some of that dedication pay off.

Have a great day, everyone. Attack that plate of food with the same force Ant goes to the rim with. We da ones, Jack.