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Game Preview #7: Wolves vs Clippers

Minnesota looks to rebound in a big way

Oklahoma City Thunder v LA Clippers Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images

Game Info

Who: Minnesota Timberwolves (3-3) vs Los Angeles Clippers (2-4)

When: 7:00pm CST

TV: Bally Sports North

Radio: 830 WCCO AM Radio

Line: Clippers -2.5

Well, there’s nowhere to go but up after a humiliating blow-out loss at home against the Orlando Magic, a team with a very real interest in losing as many games as possible this season. There truly is nowhere to go but up for Minnesota’s offense in particular, and they won’t exactly have it easy tonight.

I’m trying my best to stay optimistic after that horrific performance Monday night. While the Clippers have been disappointing so far, they are still a good team in my opinion, and Vegas clearly agrees. If Minnesota doesn’t come ready to play tonight, they’ll get run out of the gym.

With all that said, I’m remaining hopeful. This is not an easy matchup for Anthony Edwards, who will no-doubt be covered by Paul George for much of the evening, but this could be a good opportunity for Ant to get in rhythm by attacking the rim. Much has been made about Ant’s shot selection thus far, but for me, this really just comes down to the personnel for the Clippers.

Ivica Zubac is a good player, but he’s not someone who is going to strike fear into opposing drivers. Whenever Zubac is off the floor, Minnesota, and Ant in particular, should be in full-on attack mode as LAC often goes without a true center on the floor in those minutes.

Additionally, with all due respect to Zubac, who is a good player, Karl-Anthony Towns should be able to have his way with the Clippers defense tonight. They do not have the personnel to bother him, nor do they have many of the pesky smaller defenders who can bait him into offensive fouls. Maybe I’ll be totally wrong and the sunshine colored glasses will have to come off after tonight, but I think the Wolves bounce back in a big way tonight, even with the absence of D’Angelo Russell.

Lastly, it’s been a bit of a rough start for Jaden McDaniels, but this is the exact kind of spot he can start to get on the right track. There may not be anyone playing better basketball in the entire league than Paul George at the moment, and McDaniels’ job will be to limit him the best he can. Making George a passer/playmaker will be vital. The Fresno State product is a fine passer, but if you had to choose between making him a scorer or a passer, you’re taking the latter every time.

Injury Report

Minnesota will be without Russell and McKinley Wright this evening, while the list of players out for the Clippers is much longer. They’re without Kawhi Leonard (knee), Keon Johnson (G-League), Serge Ibaka (back), Marcus Morris Sr. (knee), and Jason Preston (foot).