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Dane Moore NBA Podcast: Wolves Collapse In Memphis

Minnesota Timberwolves v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

On today’s show, Dane rattles through what went into the Minnesota Timberwolves losing a 16-point lead with 7 and a half minutes remaining in the game. A play by play run through of how the Wolves offense ran out of flow and how Ja Morant took over for the Grizzlies. Topics include:

  • The insane final 7.5 minutes of the game, where the Wolves lead slowly dwindled as chaos ensued in the final minute of the game
  • Karl-Anthony Towns and the perhaps flawed idea that it is possible to “execute” a flow-based offensive system in late-game situations + why it makes sense that these Wolves haven’t yet found flow
  • What D’Angelo Russell’s return to the lineup meant for the Wolves offense
  • The KAT + Naz Reid pairing in the frontcourt + what Naz provides offensively that Josh Okogie and Jarred Vanderbilt do not
(If you can’t access the Spotify player, click here to listen to the latest episode).