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Bleav in Timberwolves Podcast EP. 62 - Recapping the Last 10 Games and Looking Ahead to the Gauntlet

The Wolves are BACK and so is the Bleav in Timberwolves Podcast!

It has been a while, Minnesota Timberwolves fans, and last time we talked we debated the idea of trading Karl-Anthony Towns. Well, in the weeks since then, the Wolves have rattled off a 5 game win streak and are currently 7-3 in their last ten games, just one game under .500 on the season.

On a brand new episode of the Bleav in Timberwolves podcast, I dive into the last 10 games, recapping the good, the bad, and the in-between that the Wolves have shown over that stretch, including:

  • Poor rebounding
  • Good team defense
  • Good D’Lo defense?!?!
  • Poor shooting
  • & more!

Then, I look ahead to a stretch of 18 games that will get the Wolves to the midway point of the season and bring ahead my expectations for the team over that stretch. It’s time to see what this team is capable of.

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