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Dane Moore NBA Podcast: Britt Robson On The Wolves Poor Offense + A Flurry Of Other Topics

Indiana Pacers v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

On the latest episode of the Dane Moore NBA Podcast, Dane is joined by Britt Robson of MinnPost to discuss Britt’s most recent column on what is wrong with the Minnesota Timberwolves offense. Other topics include:

  • The potential fit of Myles Turner (if the Wolves were to trade for him of course)
  • The likelihood of a possible Patrick Beverley extension (Beverley becomes a free agent next summer)
  • Finding a way to end the current losing streak despite an incredibly tough upcoming schedule
  • Can the Wolves defense hold at its current level or are teams figuring out the new scheme?
  • Using KAT in different/more impactful ways on offense
  • The importance of finding out whether or not Naz Reid and Jaden McDaniels are long-term pieces in Minnesota
(If you can’t access the Spotify player, click here to listen to the latest episode).

If you missed Britt’s latest article, you can find it below: