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Game Preview #27: Wolves at Raptors

The Timberwolves have a date in Toronto.

Famous Dinosaurs Attraction Celebrate Valentine’s Day Photo by Watchara Phomicinda/MediaNews Group/The Press-Enterprise via Getty Images

It’s Valentine’s Day so I fortunately do not have to run with this whole “TRUE King of the North” narrative. Instead, let’s talk about things I love!

Game Info

Who: Minnesota Timberwolves (6-20) at Toronto Raptors (12-14)
When: 6:00 pm CST
TV: Fox Sports North (streaming on the Fox Sports Go app)
Radio: 830 WCCO AM Radio

What To Watch For

  • I’m love seeing KAT healthy. No, not necessarily on the basketball court, but just... in life. Although he’ll be stuck outside of America for most of today, I hope he won’t be stuck without his loved ones on Valetine’s Day. If you too are interested in this narrative, keep an eye out on his S/O, Jordyn Woods, social feed to see if he has a date.
  • I love watching Anthony Edwards grow as a player. Seemingly past his rookie wall, Ant’s play his started to really pop. In my basic caveman eye-test metrics, he’s becoming more creative getting to the rim with the ball in his hands. The result is cleaner finishes at the cup and more advanced reads. He’ll have his work cut out for him tonight against the dinosaurs. Although the Raptors are just 19th in defensive rating, they’re 2nd in opponent’s points in the paint (40.4). The Wolves are 8th in points in the paint (49.2) so something will have to give.
  • I love the passion that Malik Beasley plays with. I’m looking forward to the NBA star torching Toronto from perimeter, as either Fred VanVleet or Kyle Lowry will be chasing him around for most of the night with their short limbs.
  • I love JMac, Big Mac, and The Vandolorian. I don’t think these three players (maybe just the latter 2) were ones that we expected to develop quite like they have this season. Just like every other game, I anticipate inching closer to the TV screen when the 3 of them share the court together. Once again, my caveman eye-test analytics shows that any iteration of this line-up = good.
  • I love how the Raptors develop their players. Although Paskal Siakam is having a bit of a down year, it’s been awesome watching this franchise develop guys into legit all-star candidates. We’ve seen guys like Siakam, Lowry, and VanVleet make a huge jump, and now this year it appears it’s Chris Boucher. With increased minutes, Swatterboy (I dunno, ask BasketballReference) has hit career-high numbers across the board. He’s regulated to just 23.3 minutes per game off the bench behind an ever-creaky Aron Baynes for some reason, but it’s hard to argue the Raptors’ process.
  • I love Ricky Rubio. Still. Whether or not he’s playing well (mostly not), I still look forward to watching him play basketball.

Injury Report


  • Malik Beasley’s pre-game chin-up and scream on the rim accidentally tilts it by 1.3°. Both teams struggle shooting from that side of the court all night long.
  • Chris Boucher and Jaden McDaniels collide in the paint and the result is a cartoon cloud of smoke which slowly disappears, revealing Boucher and Big Mac’s limbs tangled together in a preztel shape.
  • KAT scores 88 points after his significant other surprises him pre-game at ScotiaBank Arena. 6-feet away, in double masks, away from any other player/staffer/worker, of course. Wolves win 89-88.
  • I get at least 3 stern glares from my S/O for checking my phone for updates on the Wolves game during Valentine’s Day evening plans.
  • PoorDick has himself a wonderful day night.