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Dane Moore NBA Podcast: What Just Happened? Observations From Spurs-Wolves

Minnesota Timberwolves v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

On today’s episode, we get into how in the world the Minnesota Timberwolves blew a 16-point lead with 10 minutes left against the Spurs. Where the Timberwolves 4th quarter offensive execution broke down. Their dogmatic reliance on high pick-and-roll. Why Ryan Saunders said he puts some of that on him (audio included). Where the execution of what they were running cracked. And how in the world Anthony Edwards couldn’t get a touch the whole quarter.

The game could have also been saved on the defensive end. But DeMar DeRozan had 16 4th quarter points, as the Wolves scrambled to find answers to no avail. Should have Ricky Rubio came in for Josh Okogie? Why did Saunders prioritize offense over defense? Was that the right move? Is this breakdown indicative of a bigger roster construction imbalance?

(If you can’t access the Apple Podcast player, click here to listen to the latest episode.)