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Dane Moore NBA Podcast: An Epic Loss to the Rockets w/ Kyle Theige

Houston Rockets v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by Jordan Johnson/NBAE via Getty Images

After a thrilling come from behind victory on Friday night, could the Minnesota Timberwolves build off of that momentum to go streaking on Saturday with back-to-back wins?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: hell no.

On the latest Dane Moore NBA Podcast, Dane is joined by Canis Hoopus Editor-in-Chief Kyle Theige to discuss one of — if not *the* — worst losses of the Timberwolves season thus far. A 22-point drubbing at the hands of the Houston Rockets. Topics on the pod include:

  • Where does the leadership from this team come? What is the pecking order?
  • The return of Malik Beasley
  • The dangers of instilling a culture of losing
  • Kyle’s love for Jaden McDaniels, and how McDaniels has progressively developed over the course of the year
(If you can’t access the Spotify player, click here to listen to the latest episode.)

Editor’s Note: this last week has clearly seen some new lows for the Timberwolves franchise (which is saying something), but I (Kyle Theige) want to thank Dane for letting me tag along with him all week, cover a couple home games, and essentially kick the shit with a good friend as we continue to navigate the never-ending dysfunction that is the Minnesota Timberwolves.

One of my biggest takeaways from my trip back to Minneapolis was despite the lack of heart, pride, and effort that some of these players show on a nightly basis, the coverage of this dumb franchise has never been stronger. I’m really proud of what we continue to do here at Canis Hoopus, I’m really proud of the community members that have stuck around to provide their commentary as well as discuss recipes, debate politics, share life moments, etc., and I’m really damn proud of the continued grind and work ethic my friend Dane shows every single day as he covers this team at a MVP-level.

If you can, please do support Dane’s Patreon ( so he can continue to do what he does best — cover the team, analyze the results, and provide honest and unbiased commentary on a daily basis.

Thanks y’all — have a great Sunday.