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Dane Moore NBA Podcast: Britt Robson On Chris Finch 30 Games Into His Tenure

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Minnesota Timberwolves v Boston Celtics Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

On today’s pod, I am joined by Britt Robson of The Athletic to, amongst other things, discuss his column on the first 30 games of the Chris Finch Era. Ryan Saunders coached 31 games for the Minnesota Timberwolves before he was let go, and now Finch has mirrored that number. Britt and I dig into how the results have largely been similar but how many of the coaching dynamics feel like they have changed.

  • The identity Finch is attempting to install in terms of Xs and Os, but also in terms of power dynamics
  • How Finch appears to have far more leverage with the front office than Saunders ever had
  • Finch’s handling of player dynamics — from D’Angelo Russell off the bench to instilling defensive principles in Anthony Edwards
  • How Britt and I see the Utah Jazz in the Western Conference’s power rankings. Plus some around the NBA talk.
(If you can’t access the Spotify player, click here to listen to the latest episode.)