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1st Annual Hoopus Awards - Nominations

Award season isn’t over until the Hoopus Awards take place!

Hoopus Awards

Sure, putting a ball into a hoop is hard, but have you ever tried participating in daily conversations about politics, culture, recipes, and (fill in the blank) in a small little corner of the Internet? Now that’s true talent.

Introducing the 1st Annual Hoopus Awards!

Our very own Uncle Rico has been collaborating with me to finalize our award categories. There were a lot of great options, but we were able to whittle that list down to a manageable 14. Some of these awards will be based on site data. However, there will be some where we will be calling on our faithful CH members to assist.

We are now asking you all to help us come up with the best 3-4 nominees for each of the following categories by commenting below:

  1. Rookie of the Year (Criteria: A new addition to the CH family dating back as late as 5/1/2020)
  2. Best Recipe of the Year (Criteria: A recipe posted on CH dating back as late as 5/1/2020)
  3. Best Photoshop of the Year (Criteria: An original photoshopped/edited image dating back as late as 5/1/2020)
  4. Best Running Joke of the Year (Criteria: A continuous joke dating back as late as 5/1/2020)
  5. Pun of the Year (Criteria: A well-placed pun dating back as late as 5/1/2020)
  6. Best Bit of the Year (Criteria: A bit/bit account dating back as late as 5/1/2020)
  7. jmndoge Longest Post Award (Criteria: An extremely long comment dating back as late as 5/1/2020)

Uncle Rico and I will be monitoring the comments section in this post to finalize our list of final nominees before officially opening up for votes next week. Once the results are computed, tampered with, and finalized, we will reveal the winners during Uncle Rico’s season’s end Canis Zoomus near or on the final game of the season (More to come).

Good luck, and good night.