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Bleav in Timberwolves Podcast EP. 46 - KAT Trade Rumors and The Timberwolves Moving Cities

I smell a hypocrite... Damian Lillard blasted the Minnesota Timberwolves organization for hiring Chris Finch mid-season rather than promoting David Vanterpool to finish out the year after the departure of Ryan Saunders. Well, now that Lillard’s team is looking for a new head honcho, Vanterpool’s name has disappeared into thin air with regards to potential candidates. Sounds like a little too much bark and not enough bite from Dame. Host Brendan Hedtke makes sure to send Dame a message (that he’ll never hear) about his feelings on the subject.

In other news, Karl-Anthony Towns has once again found himself amid the top of the trade rumor leaderboard this summer. Brendan breaks down the latest and (not-so) greatest fantasies that opposing fanbases have drawn up. Then, he offers a bit of hope and guidance for how to navigate the rumor mill over the course of the summer.

Finally, Brendan discusses the latest happenings with the Timberwolves sale to Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore and how that could affect where the Timberwolves play their home basketball games in a few years. (Spoiler alert: it might not be in Minnesota...)

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