Fake Mock Draft signup

Though the finals are still ongoing, the real draft is almost upon us (????). i haven't been paying attention. Does anyone even know the players in the draft this year? who cares, right? it's all about the trades.

Email me at nbachapeau at gmail dot com. be sure to include your ch username. we need at least 23 players as 7 do not have a first round pick. if we get 30 players, then the non-draft teams can participate (particularly important since the wolves are one of those teams).

teams will be assigned randomly. once we get enough teams, I'll announce and trading can begin. draft will be Monday through Wednesday. you will have ~1 hour to make your selection. We're gonna do 6 picks a day. as you know by now, the players you pick or trade will be held as evidence against you for the next five years.

you do not get to choose your team. i am not going to go back five years to make sure you never got this team in some other fake mock exercise. the fake mock draft isn't a dinner party. it's a fake mock draft. eggs will be broken.

there are fake mock draft rules:

Your goal is to pick or trade with the best interests of your team in mind. No collusion, no stupid stuff. The Spurs don't tank. The French national team cannot compete in the NBA. Commish is taking an active hand on vetoing very bad trades or ultra-gimmicky stuff for basketball reasons.

you can trade your pick or any players on your roster who are eligible. use the trade machine (the real gm one is better than the espn one). use use keep your books straight. make sure what you're doing is legal.

Email any trades to the commissioner (me) and I will post them.

if someone wants to Woj bomb or play any other ancillary role, get at me