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Bleav in Timberwolves Podcast EP. 50 - Who Will Take the Biggest Leap Next Season & What Would it Take to Trade Ant?

On the latest episode of the Bleav in Timberwolves Podcast, newly Twitter verified host Brendan Hedtke (humble brag, lol) answers YOUR questions in a mailbag. If you are interested in having one of your questions answered, follow @B_HedtkeNBA on Twitter and tweet at/DM Brendan with your question.

This mailbag was full of questions about the Minnesota Timberwolves upcoming offseason and the 2021-22 season, including topics such as:

  • Who will take biggest leap next year?
  • What would it take to trade Anthony Edwards and Jaden McDaniels?
  • Who are some ‘on the margins’ guys that could help this team?
  • Who are some of your favorite Timberwolves trade targets?
  • Who is most likely to get traded this offseason?
  • & more!

Host note: A sincere thank you all for the continued support on the podcast! The growth has been amazing and humbling and I cannot wait to see what happens next season when the Timberwolves are actually good (hopefully). We are 50 episodes into this thing, excited for the next 50!

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