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Anthony Edwards Suffers Apparent Injury While Practicing With Team USA

A viral video Wednesday afternoon showed ANT-Man limping to the team bus while practicing with the men’s Olympic team.

2021 NBA Playoffs - Philadelphia 76ers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

A video of Minnesota Timberwolves’ guard Anthony Edwards limping outside of USA basketball practice quickly went viral Wednesday afternoon after it showed ANT-Man apparently limping from an undisclosed injury.

Shortly after the video was posted, both Chris Hine and Doogie Wolfson reported that sources told them ANT’s injury was a “sprain” but that there would need to be more information gathered as to the extent of the injury.

As Chris went on to tweet, his source indicated it was not a knee sprain (which would lead one to believe it was then an ankle sprain), but again, more information will need to be gathered before any official news is released by the team.

So what does this mean exactly? For starters, I would imagine this is the last we’ll see of ANT in Las Vegas in terms of on-court basketball activity (whether that be with the US Olympic team and/or NBA Summer League). Again, it’s important to stress here that we don’t know a lot at this current time, but the reporting thus far from members of the Wolves beat indicates that this might be more of a short-term injury than a long-term injury (but that’s just complete speculation on my part).

For now, all positive vibes go out to Anthony Edwards — I think I speak for everyone here at Canis Hoopus when I say the best remedy is to cover that dude in packing peanuts and bubble wrap and let him just chill for a few months. It was obviously a great honor for ANT (and Naz Reid) to be invited to Las Vegas to train with the men’s Olympic team, but now the primary goal is making sure Edwards is OK and will be fully healthy for the upcoming season.

Get well soon, ANT!

UPDATE: According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Anthony Edwards suffered a sprained ankle this afternoon and the injury is not believed to be serious.