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2021-2022 Timberwolves Schedule Released

The full official schedule for the upcoming season has been announced. Let’s take a peak at what’s to come.

Dallas Mavericks v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by Jordan Johnson/NBAE via Getty Images

High time for optimism? Or is it the annual tradition of smashing the under button?

The official 2021-2022 Minnesota Timberwolves schedule is here!

There’s a lot to dive into here. The first thing that obviously jumps out when skimming the schedule is the relatively “easy” first 3 games, with a home stretch versus the Houston Rockets once and New Orleans Pelicans twice. That said, no game in the NBA is ever truly “easy” as we’ve seen what happens when we assume scheduled wins *cough* HoustonAndThunderLastYear *cough*.

As we move into November and December, the difficulty certainly picks up a bit. This includes a brutal 4-game road trip in 6 nights against the Memphis Grizzlies, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, then the Los Angeles Clippers. That will be the first of four 4-game road trips this season, but the first one certainly appears to be the most difficult of them all. We should all be used to the fact that the Wolves seem to always get the least amount of rest compared to the rest of the league, whether by design or by geography.

The Wolves then hop into the national spotlight for a little bit to start 2022. As Kyle Theige points out, the Wolves will have 4-nationally televised games this year, all as the away team, of course. More than a couple of those are winnable so hopefully the Wolves don’t totally poop the bed while all eyes are on them. There will be a few matchups sandwiched between those nationally spotlighted games that should (in theory) build the Wolves confidence including a stretch of games against the Oklahoma City Thunder twice, Houston Rockets, and the Mempis Sauces.

Perhaps the easiest stretch of games, in my very uneducated opinion, comes in February as Minnesota faces #1 pick Cade Cunningham and his Detroit Pistons twice, followed by the Sacramento Kings twice, and then wrap up against the upstart yet mediocre Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, the rebuilding Charlotte Hornets, Toronto Raptors, and then the Grizzlies again. That’s a 9-game stretch where each game could be in favor of the Wolves.

Apparently the Wolves end the season against the Bulls on Sunday, April 10 at... some time of day? I guess the NBA is still deciding whether or not the Wolves and/or Bulls still deserve to get a 82nd game of the season.

Also big time shoutout to the Timberwolves social media team killin’ it with the creative content as usual. Proud Canis Hoopus cardholding member, Shahbaz, leading the way no less!

What are your thoughts and predictions on how the Wolves will finish this year? Trick question!

82-0, of course.