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Dane Moore NBA Podcast: Recapping The Gersson Rosas Era + Ben Simmons Leverage

Minnesota Timberwolves Introduce Draft Picks - Press Conference Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

On today’s show, Dane is joined by Andy Grimsrud (PDWolves on Twitter) from to recap the Gersson Rosas Era and discuss the Philadelphia 76ers potentially losing leverage once training camp begins next week. Andy, a notable Thibs Stan and Rosas Questioner, wrote an article on Friday recapping the Rosas regime and the questions he’s had about Rosas dating back to Rosas’ hiring in 2019. We go back and forth and break it down.

  • Rosas’ endorsement of Ryan Saunders as the best head coaching candidate available in 2019
  • Cleaning out the roster Rosas inherited + why many of Rosas’ moves amounted to only being half measures
  • A very successful 2020 Draft
  • How a Ben Simmons move would impact the Minnesota Timberwolves timeline, and how Sachin Gupta, now in charge, might pursue that venture
(If you can’t access the Spotify player, click here to listen to the latest episode.)

You can read Andy’s full column on the Gersson Rosas regime here: