Dump The Clip

There's enough salary to get close enough to two incoming max guys while keeping DLo, MacD, Beasley and KAT.

To Washington: Beverley, Layman, Bolmaro, McL, Nowell, Okogie, Reed, Milton, Joe, Vanderbilt, Minnesota 2022 1st unprotected, Philly 2022 1st unprotected

To Philly: Edwards, Layman, Prince

To Minnesota: Beal, Simmons

Wolves 5: DLo, Beal, Beasley, Simmons, Towns

McD and Reid bench

Or Dlo, Beal, Simmons, McD, Towns

Beasley, Reid bench

Instant chance at 2nd round for Minnesota

Great flexibility package for Washington

If Washington is greedy they can get Thybulle and Philly get Okogie but then they get nothing else from Philly. Don't think another 1st from Minnesota should be necessary but maybe like 3 2nds