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The Official Timberwolves City Edition Uniform Review

What, you didn’t know this was a fashion blog?

The NBA released the City Edition jerseys for every team across the league today, and the Timberwolves released their Bob Dylan Mural themed jerseys into the wild.

These have gotten a lot of negative feedback online, but honestly, I think the uniforms are ... fine. You can take that with a grain of salt, as my entire wardrobe consists of plain colored hoodies, but nevertheless, I think they’re fine. Good? That’d be a stretch. Great? Definitely not. They look much better on the players than the early leaked photos of them hanging at department stores, though, so that’s a win at least. They get a “C” from me.

What I really need to complain about is the City Edition jerseys in general. We absolutely do not need a new City Edition uniform every year. It’s how we end up with a basketball jersey themed after a Bob Dylan Mural. Forgive me, as I’m only 26 and maybe not that cultured, I guess, but I’ve lived in Minneapolis for seven years now, and this was probably the first time I’ve thought about the Bob Dylan Mural. It feels like the team saw the success they had with the Prince-inspired gear and jerseys, and threw this up as a heat check.

Still, removing the odd idea to go Bob Dylan-themed with these, they’re fine. I suspect they’ll look sharp on the court, even if they don’t look like Minnesota jerseys, really.

If there’s a positive to take from this, it’s that the jerseys come with the first alternate court in franchise history.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the court, but it is nice to see the team move into the 21st century here. It’s something fun that I’m sure the players will enjoy a little bit, and younger fans will especially eat up. With a lot of this, you just have to accept that you’re not the target market, and that’s kind of how I feel about most of this. I’m not old enough to really appreciate the Bob Dylan ties to Minneapolis, and I’m not young enough to be the real target for a lot of the merchandise that will sold.

In the end, the Wolves get a satisfactory grade through all of this, which is better than we can say about the play on the court, at least.