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How Have the Wolves Unlocked Edwards, Russell and Gobert?

Britt Robson of MinnPost joins the Dane Moore NBA Podcast to discuss the Timberwolves’ 2-0 week.

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Minnesota Timberwolves 2022 Media Day Photo by Jordan Johnson/NBAE via Getty Images

On today’s show, Dane is joined by Britt Robson from MinnPost to discuss bright spots that have materialized for the Minnesota Timberwolves over their two road wins thus far this week.

In that, much of the early focus of the episode is on Anthony Edwards and D’Angelo Russell, who traded off having big games in the team’s victories over the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic. Britt and Dane then break down Rudy Gobert’s recent stretch of play, as the three-time All-Star seems to slowly be finding himself on both ends of the court alongside his new Timberwolves teammates.

They then get into a few of the questions Britt answered in his mailbag column over at MinnPost.

Today’s full topic list:

— Gobert beginning to fit in on both sides of the ball. What role has Timberwolves Head Coach Chris Finch played in this?

— What stood out from big performances from Ant and D-Lo, outside of their scoring output? Are their respective on-court processes changing or were these results simply a byproduct of better execution?

— What is the impact of Finch beginning to make some schematic changes? Which players is this benefitting? Might it hurt other players?

— How the Wolves are navigating the leadership void left by Patrick Beverley, who was at the heart of the team’s culture and underdog mentality last season

— If D-Lo were to be traded at some point later in the season, in what ways might that be an empty scapegoating?

— The job Wolves President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly has in front of him as the team explores its next steps this season

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