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What Changed From the Wolves’ Five-Game Win Streak in Their Loss to the Hornets?

Kyle Theige of SKOR North joins the Dane Moore NBA Podcast to break down the Timberwolves’ consistency problems, expectations going forward, and how injuries to Taurean Prince and Jordan McLaughlin impact the team.

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Minnesota Timberwolves v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

On today’s show, Dane is joined by Kyle Theige of SKOR North to what went into the Minnesota Timberwolves’ five-game winning streak and what snapped on the road against the Charlotte Hornets on Friday night.

While the Charlotte loss felt a lot like the beginning of the season, that doesn’t mean the five-game winning streak didn’t happen — so we look for differences between the two. Dane and Kyle also discuss the Wolves catching their first case of the injury bug, and how the rotation might shift to react to those injuries.

Today’s topics include:

— What was different in the five-game winning streak compared to the first 13 games of the season? How can the Timberwolves continue to bring those positives to the floor every night?

— What didn’t carry-over from the winning streak to Charlotte on Friday? Are fixes to those issues simple or are they more systemic problems that the Wolves need to address in terms of roster construction?

— What level of play can reasonably be expected going forward? How much consistency can there truly be given who is on the Minnesota roster? Which players need to be held to a higher standard given the flashes they have shown so far this season?

— How the rotation might shift in Taurean Prince’s right shoulder injury absence (and Jordan McLaughlin’s, if his injury lingers)? Which Wolves starter might it impact the most in terms of who is on the court with them in blended bench/starter lineups? Where will Prince’s absence be felt the most while he is out?

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