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Canis Pulsus - Vol. XV: Trade Deadline Reactions

The Wolves may have stayed quiet, but the rest of the league didn’t. What are your reactions to moves around the league?

We are nearly 75% through the season and Canis Hoopus has yet to publish an article on the upcoming NBA draft. Ladies and gentlemen: Your ‘21-’22 Minnesota Timberwolves. Sure. We don’t need to forecast the offseason yet. However, that means we should probably be paying attention to what’s going on around the league.

Let’s check in for Canis Pulsus Vol. XV.

Canis Pulsus is designed to give our Canis Hoopus community a published voice.

A pulse, if you will.

We all know that if CH occupied all seats of the Minnesota Timberwolves front office, we would be preparing to win our 32nd consecutive championship right now. So now is your time to be the NBA media. What are you reactions to the movement around the league?

It’s a simple concept, really. Just submit your votes as honestly or sarcastically as you would like. All individual submissions will remain anonymous so no one will know if you were the one voter who gave the Indiana Pacers an A+ for acquiring Ricky Rubio (That’d be me). Once the survey closes, the results as a whole will be published on Canis Hoopus and (in theory) be emailed to GMs around the country.

Canis Pulsus Vol. XV - Trade Deadline Reactions

Vote link:
*Voting ends Monday, 2/14*

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