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Wolves 129, Pacers 120: Anthony Edwards Carries Timberwolves in Win

Ant took control when his team needed it most

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t perfect by any means, but Minnesota managed to escape with a victory in Indianapolis behind an Anthony Edwards explosion. Edwards had been a bit off lately, but holy smokes did he come alive today. It was somewhat reminiscent of the game in Portland a few weeks ago. It looked like a future superstar having one of those games. He simply would not let his team lose today.

His final stat line of 37/5/4/4 shows just how special of a day he had, but it was most impressive to me how he recognized in the second quarter how badly his team needed him to be great today, and how he took that challenge head on. When Anthony Edwards makes seven three-pointers, the Wolves are in a good spot.

Oh, yeah, he did this too.

While Ant was the star of the show, he was not alone. The Ant + bench lineup was phenomenal, and was truly the difference in the game. Ant, Beasley, McLaughlin, McDaniels, and Naz were the only players with a positive +/-, and that group flipped the game in the second quarter with a massive run.

While it’s nice to get a win, this game was not without its frustrating moments. The defense once again was pretty brutal. The rotations from the weak side were horrendous. Minnesota tried to switch a bit again in the third quarter, and it was a good reminder that switching is not nearly as easy or simple as some make it out to be. The Wolves have a top-heavy roster defensively, with a few elite defenders but few other solid-to-good defenders. That makes switching really difficult for this team, as matchups are easily exploited.

In general, the starters are really coming back down to earth. They were never going to continue outscoring teams at the pace they were earlier in the season, but something is definitely off there. I’m not sure if it should cause Chris Finch to make a change, but it may not be the worst idea either.

Now, let’s all get back to fixing up our Super Bowl appetizers.