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Wolvescast 184: Three-Quarter Season Report w/ Robert Brewer

Do you know where Luc Longley went to college? You will after you listen to this episode!

Robert gifted me a Crunch. What a friend!

Improbably the Timberwolves only have 19 games remaining in their regular season schedule! It’s time to check in on the team’s progress thus far and look forward to the upcoming postseason picture. Tune in as full time friend and part time Wolvescast co-host Robert Brewer joins the show to chat Wolves basketball. We talk about the experience of being a Timberwolves fan in a rare season where they are actually good! Also, Anthony Edwards’ knee, the underrated bench depth, the next 20 games, potential play-in matchups, a game and more.

This episode of Wolvescast is sponsored by the Minnesota Timberwolves HR department.