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Patrick Beverley Fined $30,000 By NBA For “Egregious” Use Of Profanity

The league announced the financial punishment on Thursday morning.

LA Clippers v Minnesota Timberwolves - Play-In Tournament Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA announced yesterday morning that Minnesota Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverley had been fined $30,000 for “inappropriate statements during a media interview and on social media, including the egregious use of profanity.”

Technically speaking, Beverley did use some spicy language on Tuesday night, both during his postgame media availability as well as during an Instagram Live session in the locker room, but including the term “egregious” in this press release by the NBA is... well... egregious in and of itself.

The fine was actually announced on Thursday at 11:30am, which was the exact same time that the Timberwolves were practicing. Shortly there after, someone must have informed Beverley about the suspension, which resulted in Pat sending out this tweet:

While the Timberwolves’ veteran was technically fined for his adult language and NOT for having an adult beverage during his postgame media session, it did seem only fair that the fine folks at Bud Light step up to cover the fine, especially after Beverley gave the company so much free publicity after the game.

Ironically enough, just a few hours after the fine was announced by the NBA, the official Bud Light Twitter account sent out this response:

Beverley immediately responded and seemed more than willing to accept a few free customized “Bev Lights” cans:

Always the forward-thinker, Beverley (or someone close to Beverley) also apparently setup a Venmo account to help pay the latest fine, and Pat tweeted out the QR code for anyone interested in donating:

Similar to the situation that took place earlier in the week with Minnesota Wild center Ryan Hartman, I’d imagine that Pat Bev will eventually use whatever money he received via Venmo and donate it to a charity of his choice. Regardless of how all of this plays out, Thursday was a pretty memorable day on “Wolves Twitter,” and I’d expect a lot more exciting moments over the next week or so as the Timberwolves kick off only their second playoff series in the last 18 years.