Don't Forget To Enjoy This Timberwolves Team

In a 119-118 victory, the Timberwolves just tied their series with the Memphis Grizzlies after suffering through a suffocating two game stretch of rough losses. I write this not to look deep into the basketball and analytics of it all, but to remind all Wolves fans that this moment should not be taken for granted. I'm not a writer, media member, or associated with the team, but instead all I am is a 14 year old with a deep fandom for the Wolves. I've spent the las 19 hours since the Wolves win, consuming every fragment of media that I could get my hands on. Last night, I was lucky enough to attend the Wolves playoff game, and it could best be described as an out of body experience. Walking through the stadium as fans began to flood the seats with an untouchable pride for the Wolves, despite the crushing blow that they took just two nights before honestly had me emotional. I don't need to go through the last 18 lackluster seasons of Timberwolves basketball, but there is no hiding that the team's history doesn't necessarily shine. Regardless of the "Old Wolves" history, the Wolves led by Karl-Anthony Towns came to play last night.

Throughout this season, the Timberwolves have faced all sorts of adversity. As of October 15, 2021, Vegas gave the Wolves an over under of 33.5 wins. After finishing the regular season with 46 wins and the 7th seed, the adversity didn't stop there. Heading into the play-in matchup against the Clippers who went 6-1 after getting Paul George back from injury, understandably so, national media was leaning towards the scorching hot Clippers. I myself was doubtful as well after having seen how well the Clippers matched up against Towns in their matchups earlier in the season. While the Clippers did manage to take Towns right out of the game, Anthony Edwards and D'Angello Russell stepped up when the Wolves needed them most, in one of the most triumphant victories in Wolves history. The mania over that game was met by criticism for "over celebrating," which I found to be a foolish criticism considering the history of this franchise that left little to celebrate for. Not to mention that people complain over the lack of emotion from superstars, but then proceed to be upset when players like Patrick Beverly actually do show emotion. Luckily for the sake of basketball, people such as retired player JJ Reddick and media member Bill Simmons were quick to jump to the Wolves side. Following that game, the Wolves had to step right into their playoff series against the Grizzlies, where they stole the first game in marvelous fashion. Anthony Edwards led the way with 36 points followed by Towns with 29 points and 11 boards. That one game lead in the series was short lived after the Grizzlies came back with a dominant performance in game two, winning 124-96. When coming into Minnesota, the Wolves started off hot. Commanding the game immediately on a 9-0 run and then increasing their lead to 26. The lead was cut down as the Wolves were forced to just a 12 point second quarter. The Wolves came back with another great response in the third, and increased their lead to 25 just to be outscored 50-13 in just 15 minutes and 10 seconds. It was a defeating collapse that left all Wolves fans having felt stabbed right in the heart. Finch and Towns were recieving hate from all over the league and media. When most people were ready to count the Wolves out, they bounced right back. Not only did the Wolves come back in game four with a fight, but they came back with a win to tie the series. Despite a messy close to the game, the Wolves still managed to hang on to the lead and take the game.

No matter what happens, we shall never forget this fairy tale run that this underdog Wolves team has managed to provide for us. Seeing fans chanting across First Ave, and the Wolves jerseys all throughout downtown is a moment that we have all waited for years to see. For all of us who feel our knees tremble, our heart race, and our head pound when we watch this basketball team, let's not forget to enjoy the success of our favorite Timberwolves. There is a very bright future in Minnesota, and it starts with where we are right now. While we're in this state of bliss, don't feel shame when chanting, "Wolves in 6!"