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Bleav in Timberwolves Podcast EP. 70 - All NBA Ballots, Final Four Reactions, and the Wolves Push for the Playoffs

Doug and Brendan talk through their All-NBA ballots that include a HUGE snub, the NCAA Final Four games, and the Wolves’ pursuit of the 6th seed.

On today’s episode, Doug and Brendan sit down to talk about the 3 Final Four games that happened over the past week. Doug brings his reaction for his Villanova Wildcats’ loss to Kansas and provides his insight into the Championship game from Monday night.

Then, the duo tackles some Minnesota Timberwolves talk as they break down the Wolves’ past 3 games and look ahead to finishing up the season this weekend. They look into the Wolves’ defensive woes of late, the impact that Jaden McDaniels’ return could have, and how important finishing the season on a 5 game winning streak could be.

Finally, Brendan and Doug go through who they would put on each All-NBA team. There is a bit of controversy with a couple names left off of someone’s ballot. Make sure to listen and find out who got snubbed.

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