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5 Things To Buy For a Minnesota Timberwolves Fan

Power ranking Wolves items from Target Finchy would get his friends (and you should, too).

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2022 NBA Playoffs - Memphis Grizzlies v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Are you wondering what you need to get the man who has everything this Father’s Day?

Do you need to remind your friends that #WolvesBack?

Would you like to base your purchasing decisions on what we think our fearless leader Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch would do?

I know I sure would, so that’s what we’re doing today.

Let’s power rank the five items from Target Finchy would buy his buddies to get their Wolves gear on point for the summer, courtesy of our friends at Target.

5) Wolves Framed Wall Poster Print

A good number of us have transitioned into some form of working from home over the past two years, which means we’ve thought about how to craft the perfect Zoom setup.

There’s no way my man is letting his friends in the non-profit, financial or basketball sectors log on without making sure everyone in the call knows that the #WolvesBack.

4) 18oz Wolves Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

It’s summer, folks. Whether you’re getting sunburnt on the beach, cultivating some impressive farmer’s tans, or going low on the golf course, you can never be hydrated enough.

Whether Finch’s crew runs on coffee, beer, water, gin and tonics, tequila sunurises, iced tea, or anything hot or cold in between, you already know he’d make sure they’re rocking his squad while doing it.

3) 20oz Stainless Steel Wolves Tumbler

Why settle for 18oz when you get 20oz?

2) Timberwolves Can Coozie

There is no doubt that Finchy and the Fellas™ rip Coors Light silver bullets with on nights when the only thing bluer than the sky are the mountains on the bottles.

The only thing that can improve the look of cracking open a few cold ones with your favorite local basketball fan(s) on the perfect summer night in Minneapolis is a Wolves coozie.

He wouldn’t let his boys settle for anything less than perfectly blue mountains, so you shouldn’t either.

1) Timberwolves Dart Board + Set

Could you imagine Finch calling up Anthony Edwards — when he’s back in town after he turns 21 in August — and asking Ant to come play darts?

If Finchy puts some money on the line, you can imagine Ant would be adding darts to the end of that legendary back-and-forth with the great Marney Gellner.

We’re not only giving the Wolves an A+ content idea, but you a great way to expand your favorite fan’s recreational repertoire, too.

Even if Finchy was at a bar in Downtown Minneapolis with his friends, I could absolutely see them cleaning pockets at the dart board until all hours of the night. He has the precision, calm under pressure and charisma necessary to dominant the dart board in the back of your favorite bar.

Hopefully this helps ease your gifter’s block, much like it did mine.

But seriously, I’d pay a healthy pay-per-view fee to see Finchy vs Ant on a Wolves dart board fresh off Ant hitting a couple backflips off a jetski in the purified waters of Lake Minnetonka, with their Wolves tumblers in hand.

This sponsored post was published according to our guiding principles.