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What Should We Expect From the NBA Finals?

On today’s show, Brendan and Doug discuss the upcoming NBA Finals between the Warriors and Celtics & look back at their All-NBA predictions.

The All-NBA teams were announced by the NBA during the Western Conference Finals. Minnesota Timberwolves Center Karl-Anthony Towns was selected for the second time in his career, again making the All-NBA Third Team, just as he did in the 2017-18 season.

On today’s show, hosts Brendan Hedtke and former Timberwolves’ guard Doug West break down the All-NBA teams and take a look back at their awards voting from a few weeks ago. The pair talks about the players they voted correctly, the players they had making a team but ended up making a different team, and the players that they missed on completely. They feel like they did a pretty solid job, but let them know what you think!

Then, the duo takes a look at the upcoming NBA Finals matchup between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are coming into the series after defeating the Dallas Mavericks in five games in the Western Conference Finals. The Celtics, on the other hand, had a tough seven game battle with the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Warriors should prove to be more rested when the series starts, but Boston is also in a groove. Hear how Doug and Brendan think that will affect their performances to start the series.

The hosts also talk about their favorite matchups in this series, including Marcus Smart versus Steph Curry, Andrew Wiggins versus Jayson Tatum, and Klay Thompson versus Jaylen Brown.

Finally, they give their predictions for this series and talk about which players are most likely to end up winning the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player award and which could be dark horses to be selected.

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